“A beginning is a complicated thing. Know that this is the 496th year after the Exodus. The Known Multiverse is ruled by the Two Princes of the Universe, The Throne, my father. In this multiverse, there are many planes of existence and systems known as Crystal Spheres. Of these spheres, nine hold special meaning. In those, are hidden nine seals, one for each sphere, the nine pillars on which the Known Multiverse stands. There are powers, however, that wish nothing more than the destruction of the seals and absolute ruin of everything they hold together. To protect the Multiverse from those powers, were chosen guardians: the Gods. From the ranks of such guardians, were chosen those who would stand watch over the Crystal Spheres that held the seal themselves. Each Sphere was protected by a group of guardians, with their own rules and quirks. In an unthinkable act, one of those groups rebelled against The Throne and now wage war against the Princes of the Universe. They are known as the Holy Order of the Stars, and guard the Seventh Seal of the Universe. Their Crystal Sphere, is Krynn.

This is the origin of your ancestors. This is your legacy. Through you, comes the ultimate end of Eternity.

And the beginning of Infinity.”

- Grace of Cirulon, The End of Eternity

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